Pre-cleansing is a way of easing yourself into the detoxification process so you will have a more enhanced and pleasant cleanse experience. Once the cleanse commences, all the toxins in the body are shifted away from the tissues where they’ve been living so it’s very important for the colon and the liver to be ready to effectively eliminate these toxins.

  • Eliminate or cut down considerably on the following up to one week pre cleanse

    • All caffeine intake, cigarettes, alcohol, and all carbonated beverages
    • All refined sugar, salts and processed foods
    • Limit the intake of meat, fish and dairy
  • Alkalize your body – the toxins we are exposed to from our food and environment tend to acidify our bodies. Reduce acid forming foods and choose alkalizing food types to help reset your body’s pH. Start eating a clean diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthful oils (organic, if possible)

  • Increase fibre intake – it encourages bile secretion which is important for effective liver clearance. It also helps to push foods through the gastrointestinal tract (flaxseeds, chia seeds, leafy greens, cruciferous veg, psyllium husk)

  • Drink between 2–2.5 litres of fresh filtered water a day. Fresh, filtered water helps to flush toxins out. Hydration is key to a successful cleanse

  • Start your morning with warm filtered water with freshly squeezed lemon juice. This will help to alkalize your body, wake your system up and get things moving

  • We recommend an enema if you’re comfortable doing so or a colonic hydrotherapy which is a very beneficial way of cleansing the colon before, during and post detox. The treatment aims to flush out toxic waste materials and exercise the colon muscles, both of which will assist with the subsequent full body detoxification. Please contact Pure Detox Team at the Hale clinic to arrange your colonic hydrotherapy sessions with Kaori Murphy or Colette Heaton

  • Exercise: Try moreintense ‘detoxifying’ exercisesfor at least a few days prior to your detox: jogging, swimming, yoga all help to eliminate toxins from the body.

  • Relax: don’t start the cleanse feeling stressed! Try to relax (take a sauna, practice yoga, or meditate) a few days before

  • Set intentions before your cleanse. An intention is a commitment to changing a part of your life that no longer serves you. What do you want to get out of this cleanse? What do you want to create through your juice cleanse? When we have a clear picture of what we want to lose, gain, and strengthen the odds are we will attain these goals. Write down your answers to these questions to reveal the reason for your juice cleanse

  • If you have an existing medical condition, or are taking prescription medications - please check with your GP to make sure that cleanse is right for you

Please note that these are just guidelines – it will not harm your cleanse if you cannot follow them

Cleansing guidelines before

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